About Us

We are the intersection of design and human connection.

We understand the profound impact that built environments can have on people's quality of life. That’s why our workplace design solutions promote well-being, participation and belonging. We consider the wide spectrum of the human experience, like accessibility, diversity, and culture, to ensure that all people feel seen, valued, and empowered in the workplace.

Holland Licensed Interior Design is a licensed firm with the Alberta Architects Association, providing the highest standard of interior design services under the Architects Act of Alberta.

Our Mission

Enhance people’s quality of life by designing workplaces that promote happiness and well-being.

Through our highly-skilled team, proven and streamlined design process, and cutting-edge 3D technology, organizations feel seen, heard, and represented throughout their journey of bringing their visions, values and cultures to life.

Our Vision

Radically transform industries, placing empathy and equity at the forefront.

We aspire to champion talent, eliminate barriers, and foster inclusive and compassionate environments that enrich the lives of individuals and communities.

Our Values

Putting people first

Our values prioritize the well-being, needs, and experiences of individuals and communities. They guide our decisions and actions, ensuring that our services benefit people and enhance their lives.


Our human-centred design principles are directed towards shaping and evolving your organization culture in ways that are aligned with your values and goals. We believe that human-centred environments promote equity, wellbeing, and participation. Our team is committed to ongoing education and exploration, staying at the forefront of industry trends and honing our craft.


Our workplace design solutions empower individuals to make meaningful choices and effect positive change. We believe that the best solutions emerge when we place individuals and their unique needs, perspectives and experiences at the centre of our creative process. Through empathetic research, active listening, and a deep understanding of human behaviour, we design spaces that not only meet accessibility requirements, but truly enhance lives.


Precision, attention to detail, and a relentless quest for higher standards are integral to our design process. We aim to strike a balance between imagination and feasibility, resulting in a design that is both stunning and perfectly tailored to your organization’s unique needs.


We hold ourselves accountable to our clients, colleagues, and our community, approaching every project and person with honesty and integrity. We offer transparent communication, proactive guidance, and efficient project management to expertly handle timelines, budgets and expectations. We are committed to doing what is right, even when it's challenging.

Our Process

Designing for people, with people

From the initial engagement to the final execution, we prioritize open communication, active listening, and a deep understanding of your organization’s needs. With Holland, you’ll feel seen, heard and represented throughout the entire design process.


Workplace Strategy

Your organization brings a distinct vision, set of values, and culture, and it's our mission to translate these characteristics into an innovative and tailored workplace design. Whether you're working through change management, floor plan optimization, or simply improving your current work environment, we’ll carefully study how your people work and interact within a given space, seeking to optimize productivity, collaboration, and overall well-being.



Building on your Workplace Strategy, Pre-Design is where we kickstart your project by gathering critical information and collaborating closely to formulate a clear vision. 


Schematic Design

We bring your project to life with the creation of a 3D rendering that incorporates detailed finishes, fixtures, and furniture. This phase provides a vivid blueprint of the design, offering you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the proposed concept. It also allows us to refine the design, making any necessary adjustments before progressing to the next phase.


Design Development

This phase involves the refinement and further development of your Schematic Design. Our highly-skilled team pays meticulous attention to detail, making any necessary revisions to ensure that the design aligns perfectly with your needs and vision. A comprehensive design package is created, consolidating all aspects of the project into a cohesive and detailed plan.


Contract Documents

During this phase, our team is hard at work preparing detailed construction drawings, book specifications, and engineer coordinators to ensure that every aspect of the project is precisely planned and executed. These construction documents encompass every minute detail, from architectural dimensions to material specifications, creating a comprehensive roadmap for the construction team.


Bidding and Negotiation

The project goes through a pricing evaluation and value engineering is considered, optimizing costs without compromising quality or functionality. We ensure that the project remains cost-effective while retaining the essence of the design. This phase also involves negotiations for the construction contract. We are committed to fiscal responsibility, as we work diligently to make the most efficient use of resources, while still delivering a project that meets the high standards of our design.


Contract Administration

Involves site visits, change orders, site instructions, field reports, and processing claims. This stage ensures that the project is executed according to the design and that any changes or issues are addressed promptly.

This phase involves regular site visits, management of change orders, issuance of site instructions, field reports, and the processing of claims. It provides us with real-time insights into the construction progress, allowing us to address any issues promptly. We are dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication, proactive issue resolution, and strict quality control throughout the construction process.

Meet our team

Working together to design better workplaces.

We're hiring

At Holland, we offer an inclusive and dynamic work environment where we balance process with creativity. Mentorship is a top priority for us, and we deeply acknowledge the role our people and culture play in setting us apart.

Project Designer

Are you a creative, detail-oriented, and driven individual with a passion for transforming spaces into stunning and functional environments? Holland Licensed Interior Design is looking a talented Project Designer to join our team.

Business Development

Are you a passionate, driven individual with a knack for cultivating relationships and identifying opportunities? Holland Licensed Interior Design is looking for a talented Business Development professional to join our dynamic team.