Jamie Falkner
Project Designer

Jamie Falkner earned her Bachelor of Interior Design from Mount Royal University in 2020. She commenced her career in Edmonton, contributing her expertise to an architectural firm specializing in commercial and educational projects.

With technical proficiency in various design programs, Jamie excels in solving complex space planning challenges and possesses a keen eye for detail. Her approach emphasizes enjoyable collaboration, creating a comfortable environment where ideas and visions can be freely expressed.

Design Philosophy

Inspired by the quote "Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent" by Joe Sparano, Jamie believes in crafting designs that seamlessly align with the human experience. She envisions universal and barrier-free design, aiming to create experiences that work effortlessly for everyone. Jamie sees the integration of form and function as essential, with a future focus on the intersection of interior design, technology, science, and sustainability.

Beyond Design

Beyond design, Jamie enjoys the company of her four cats and exploring the intersection of art and science. Whether camping in the mountains, floating in a lake during summers, or engaging in yoga, she finds joy in various pursuits. A burgeoning interest in film photography and a love for graphic design further showcase her multifaceted passion for creativity.