Joanne Fernandes
Project Lead

With roots in Auckland, New Zealand, Joanne Fernandes holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture, and has cultivated a wealth of local and global experience from her tenure at various distinguished design firms. Her design philosophy is grounded in optimizing every moment within a space. To Joanne, each corner holds potential, and every area should be evocative and create an experience.

In her current role, Joanne guides the entire design journey, from concept to completion. Her areas of expertise include expression through form and materiality, advanced 3D modelling, presentations, and mentoring junior staff. She thrives on deeply understanding both client and her team's perspectives, a practice that invariably leads to well-rounded solutions to complex design challenges.

Design Philosophy

As a lifelong learner, she is dedicated to refining her craft through continuing education, and advocating for the industry. As the interior design landscape evolves, Joanne envisions a future where the industry garners the recognition it truly deserves. While traditionally seen as secondary to architecture, her architectural background has shown her the reverse is true. Designing from the inside-out and focusing on the micro-to-macro approach holds immense value in shaping the overall human experience. She also champions diversity within the profession, aspiring for a more inclusive and gender-neutral design environment.

Beyond Design

Beyond her professional endeavours, Joanne is passionate about food. When not immersed in design, she loves to cook and host gatherings. She also loves to spend time with her bunny, Pea.