Leanne Walker

Leanne Walker brings over 10 years of technical design experience and operational expertise to the team. With a background in architectural technologies, and a career spanning renowned local and international firms, she is proficient in detailed technical drawings, code-based knowledge, project management, and assembling teams of contractors and consultants tailored to client needs.


Leanne oversees numerous accounts, delivering expedient project completion and adherence to high professional standards. As a Partner, she prioritizes organizational excellence through process improvements, while also driving business development and strengthening client, contractor, and consultant relationships.

Design Philosophy

Leanne has a love for travel, exploring different cultures and broadening her worldview. A discerning observer of emerging technical and systemic trends, she believes that design is a medium for social change and progress. Leanne also fosters employee development, and her training and internal education initiatives ensures that Holland Licensed Interior Design embodies its commitment to creating spaces that enrich the lives of individuals and communities.