Human-centered design solutions that go beyond function and aesthetics

Our highly skilled team, streamlined design process, and innovative 3D technology ensure that you feel seen, heard, and represented as we bring your vision, values, and culture to life.


Workplace Design for People

We design productive, healthier and happier spaces for people, with people.

Our unique approach involves a deep understanding of your organization's vision, values, and culture. We offer transparent communication, proactive guidance, and efficient project management to expertly handle timelines, budgets and expectations.

In Action

AdFarm honours tradition and embraces innovation with new office


Hospitality-Driven Expertise


Taking lessons from the hospitality industry into the office

We design environments where people can work in their preferred ways, foster connections, and find comfort. Hospitality is key to cultivating a positive and productive environment, where employees feel genuinely welcome, valued, and supported when they step into the workplace.

In Action

J5 expands Calgary studio with collaboration, flexibility, and wellness in mind


Complex Environmental Solutions

Innovative solutions tailored to your unique goals

We specialize in optimizing efficiency, functionality, and employee well-being through tailored solutions that align perfectly with your company's unique goals, culture, and workflow. Our forward-thinking approach ensures adaptability to evolving business needs, so you're always ahead of the curve.

In Action

Wellington-Altus maximizes space within tenant improvement budget


Comprehensive Project Management


Meticulously organized and collaborative

We're recognized for going above and beyond in our project management and delivery. Our meticulous attention to detail, commitment to timelines and budgets, and strong emphasis on communication and transparency guarantee a well-coordinated and seamlessly executed project.