Karen Blackwood
Project Lead

Karen Blackwood specializes in advanced 3D modelling and innovative solutions to complex design challenges. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Interior Design from Mount Royal University and NCIDQ certificate, demonstrating her commitment to professional excellence.

As a Project Lead, Karen oversees the entire design process from ideas to 3D models and construction drawings, working closely with clients, contractors and her team. Karen’s passion lies in corporate office interiors, approaching each project with creativity and organization to deliver dynamic workspaces that align with her clients' needs and values.

Design Philosophy

Karen is committed to championing sustainability and inclusivity in the industry through mindful product choices and accessibility, particularly for the neurodiverse community. Driven by research and her dedication to positive change, her design philosophy centers on leaving a positive impact on communities, aiming to contribute to a better world through the spaces she designs.

Beyond Design

Beyond her professional pursuits, Karen is an avid reader and traveller. Karen's passion for travel has taken her to remarkable destinations, including Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Japan.