Emma Bokenfohr
Project Designer

Holding a Bachelor of Interior Design from Mount Royal University, and experience ranging from residential renovations and new builds to commercial projects, Emma Bokenfohr seamlessly blends her technical prowess with creative ingenuity. Her skill set spans conceptual presentations, 3D modeling, material selection, construction drawings, and more, showcasing her versatility to comprehensive design solutions. 

Design Philosophy

Beyond her design acumen, Emma boasts seven years of customer service experience. Her excellent interpersonal skills and collaborative nature is evident in her approach to teamwork. She values collaboration with her co-workers, clients, and industry partners, and the synergy of ideas to create successful design outcomes.

Emma envisions the future of interior design leaning towards human-centric solutions, encouraging spaces that are equally functional and beautiful. She is understanding of the needs and preferences of end-users, and aspires to create unique spaces that positively impact their lives. She sees interior designers as cultural representatives, educators, and influencers shaping societal interactions with the built environment.

Beyond Design

Beyond design, Emma indulges in a diverse range of interests. She finds joy in hiking, camping, skiing, exploring Calgary's vibrant food scene, spending time with her cats, and immersing herself in a good book.