Elite's office design strategically meets landlord's budget and timeline

Elite Travel Management ('Elite') is a global corporate travel management agency delivering world-class service and platforms in the business travel market. They wanted an office design that reflected their ethos of delivering an "elite level of service each and every time" to business travellers and business travel coordinators.

Team Spotlight

Joanne Fernandes

Project Lead

Project Start Date: July 2022

Project Completion Date: December 2022

Square Footage: +/- 2,291 sq ft

The Challenge

Company Ethos: Elite wanted to prioritize the comfort and celebration of their staff and clients, as well as feature their branding throughout the office.

Strategic Cost Management: The project had a predetermined budget set by the landlord. Overcoming this challenge required careful planning to meet and surpass client expectations while staying within the budget constraints. We sought out alternative materials and value engineering to manage costs effectively.

Timeline: Our team also needed to adhere to the landlord's specified move-in date. To ensure a timely completion, we focused on using readily available and quick-ship options for finishes and fixtures.

The Solution

Elite's office is reminiscent of a premium travel lounge. We designed a dim and moody entrance to evoke the ambiance of an airport lounge. The lobby area features brand signage suspended from floor and ceiling. We also placed an accent chair to highlight the curve line of drapery behind.

From the lobby, an opening in the drapery led to the main office space, where a special 'client wall' was mounted on the floor and ceiling. This wall showcases lists of clients on flappable placards, serving as a celebration of their partnership and a symbol of company growth. Inspired by traditional airport departure/arrival signs, the design integrates seamlessly with the brand signage.

We incorporated brand colours with the creative use of paint, adding visual interest to entry closets and the staff area. The staff breakout area includes a screen to feature Elite's brand elements during virtual meetings, enhancing the workspace's functionality.

We were able to offer flexibility with a ceiling mounted drapery that slides between the entry and the staff area and kitchen. This innovative solution allows for more open space when needed while aesthetically aligning with the concept of a premium travel lounge.

We designed open workstations using furniture and finishes in Elite's brand colours. Strategic paint lines in these colours were creatively applied to enhance the visual impact of the workspace.

The Human-Centred Lens

Elite's office prioritizes the needs and experiences of its users. From the inviting entrance to the flexible workspace layout, every aspect of the design was selected with the comfort and well-being of employees in mind. The integration of brand elements add a sense of identity and belonging.

With a predetermined budget and move-in date set by the landlord, we sought out alternative materials and value engineering to manage costs effectively. We also selected readily available and quick-ship options for finishes and fixtures.

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Key Features


With strategically placed workstations, comfortable breakout areas, and ample natural light, employees are provided with an environment conducive to focused work and collaboration.

Brand Colours

We incorporated brand colours into furniture, finishes, and creative paint applications. This cohesive use of brand colours not only reinforce Elite's identity but also adds vibrancy and visual consistency to the workspace.


We provided flexibility by installing ceiling-mounted drapery that can slide between the entry and the staff area and kitchen as needed, allowing for more open space when required while maintaining the premium travel lounge aesthetic.


Project Credits

Brokers: Aspen Properties

Engineers: TMP Consulting Engineers (Alberta) Ltd and Designcore Engineering Ltd.

Contractors: FWD Construction

Furniture: Hightower, West Elm, CB2 and HBI for workstations (contract not through Holland)

Photographer: Joel Klassen