StellarAlgo's innovative office accommodates diverse working styles

StellarAlgo helps sports and entertainment properties, and their partners, build lasting relationships with the most passionate customers on earth. Their team of analytics experts and sports and entertainment professionals have decades of experience, deep domain knowledge, and a contagious passion for innovation. Inviting and stimulating, this workspace promotes in-office presence and collaboration, and accommodates diverse work styles and needs. Strategic in our approach, this workspace also preserves existing elements to minimize costs, and invests more in enhancing the user experience, reflective of StellarAlgo's vibrant, forward-thinking, and dynamic identity.

Team Spotlight

Lindsey Kot

Project Lead

Karen Blackwood

Project Lead

Jamie Falkner

Project Designer

Project Start Date: December 2022

Project Completion Date: October 2023

Square Footage: +/-  11,000 sq ft

The Challenge

Invest in People's Needs: StellarAlgo wanted to be strategic about retaining existing elements of the space to control costs and allocate more resources towards enhancing the user experience.

Reflective of Brand Ethos: They wanted the office to be reflective of their ethos: data-driven fan engagement solutions for sports and entertainment organizations.

Floor Plan: The floor plan presented several advantages, such as the pre-existing open ceiling in the kitchen, which helped reduce initial costs. However, a challenge arose in merging this space with the open workstations while ensuring proper acoustics and separation.

The Solution

To address the challenge of merging the space with open workstations while maintaining proper acoustics and separation, several solutions were implemented. A dropped ceiling from Armstrong was installed, following the curves of the flooring, effectively delineating between work and recreational areas. Additionally, dynamic clouds from Hush Acoustics were incorporated to improve acoustics and enhance the visual appeal above collaborative furniture.

In the secondary quiet work area, carpeting was used to facilitate focused work, while changes in ceiling height and type, along with soft lighting above workstations, further delineated the space. Dynamic feature shelving was also introduced to create a more enclosed environment.

Raised seating in the quiet area was strategically designed to offer higher sightlines, particularly for individuals using high-back swivel chairs, and to capitalize on downtown sightlines.

Various elements were strategically incorporated into the design. Vibrant colours, carefully selected accessories, the Hat Wall featuring team memorabilia, and large-scale graphics were utilized to create a cohesive and representative environment that embodies StellarAlgo's identity and values.

Overall, solutions for this project involved exploring alternative materials and collaborating with local vendors to craft custom features tailored to the project's needs. By partnering with solution-oriented and reliable contractors, and working closely with clients who value creativity and trust in our process, we were able to meet the project's requirements effectively.

The Human-Centred Lens

Collaborative Environments: StellarAlgo's office fosters teamwork, productivity, creativity, and communication among staff.

Flexible Furniture: Incorporating flexible furniture allows for versatile use of space, catering to different activities and preferences. It promotes comfort and autonomy, empowering individuals to personalize their workspace according to their needs.

Inviting Staff Kitchen and Open Design Concept: The staff kitchen and open design concept create a welcoming atmosphere conducive to social interaction and relaxation. These areas serve as hubs for informal gatherings, fostering camaraderie and a sense of community among team members.

Use of Real Foliage Throughout: Integrating real foliage throughout the workspace brings elements of nature indoors, contributing to a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment. Plants have been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve air quality, enhancing the overall well-being of occupants.

Calm Lighting: Calm lighting helps create a soothing ambiance that promotes relaxation and focus. Thoughtfully designed lighting schemes, such as warm hues and adjustable brightness levels, support visual comfort and contribute to a harmonious work setting.

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Key Features

Space and Furniture Variety

The front entry isn't your usual reception area. In line with StellarAlgo's uniqueness, the existing kitchen location was repurposed to save costs and create a dynamic space for collaboration. A traditional setup isn't always necessary. With mobile furniture on castors, the team can easily open up the space for activities like a "basketball half-court" or larger gatherings.

Offering a range of furniture options allows for different levels of use, encouraging both quiet, focused work and collaborative activities. The mobility of the furniture adds flexibility to adapt spaces according to changing needs.

Custom Metalwork

The monkey bars and perch seating were added to promote playfulness and interaction. The perches create opportunities for spontaneous conversations, adding to the dynamic atmosphere.

Hat Wall

The hat wall reflect the teams StellarAlgo has collaborated with since the beginning of their business. We intentionally carried this feature over from their previous space to honour their origins and leave room for future additions.

Colours, Accessories and Large-Scale Graphics

Integrating branding colours into finishes and furniture adds vibrant pops of interest throughout the space. These coordinated colours not only reinforce the organization's brand identity but also contribute to a visually engaging environment.

A coordinated accessories package complements the overall aesthetic of the space while subtly reflecting the team's culture. The accessories were chosen with the history of sports and fan engagement in mind. Sports has evolved over time and so has teams' connection to fans. Our selection include trading cards, signed baseballs, and collectible ticket stubs. These accessories add personality and warmth to the environment, enhancing the overall experience for occupants.

Our collaboration with Tiller Digital, a graphic design team, allowed for the integration of large-scale graphics within rooms. These graphics serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, providing visual interest while also reinforcing brand messaging.


The team at Holland were exceptional to work with and our newly designed office far exceeded expectations. From conception to final move-in Holland was proactive and hands-on during the entire journey. I would highly recommend the team at Holland to any business trying to get the most out of their space. We interviewed many different interior design teams and Holland clearly stood out from the rest as they took the time to understand our people, culture and goals. They were incredible through the entire project including conception, planning and execution phases. Partnering with them was one of the best decisions we made this year.

Vincent Ircandia, CEO, StellarAlgo

Project Credits

Brokers: Justin Mayerchak (Colliers)

Engineers: TMP Consulting Engineers (Alberta) Ltd, SMP Engineering

Contractors: Soundtex Interiors Ltd, Tiller Digital

Furniture: COI, HBI

Photographer: Joel Klassen