The Lounge at 400 Third accommodates various needs and activities

The Lounge at 400 Third provide tenants a welcoming and comfortable space that accommodates various needs and activities. It's a multifunctional space, complete with lounge seating, counter and bar-height working areas, games, and a coffee bar. Incorporating warm wood tones, soft textures, and area rugs, the design evokes a cozy residential atmosphere, ensuring tenants feel right at home. Whether they need a casual spot to unwind during the day or a venue to host larger events, The Lounge is available for their use.

Team Spotlight

Karen Blackwood

Project Lead

Project Start Date: February 2022

Project Completion Date: December 2023

Square Footage: +/- 3700 sq ft

The Challenge

Activate Lobby: Activate the lobby space and infuse energy into the main level. This involves creating a unique environment that existing tenants can use and enjoy, while also serving as a compelling selling feature to attract prospective tenants.

Frequent Maintenance Access: Challenges of this space include the need for frequent maintenance access to perimeter radiator cabinets, which cannot have any fixed objects directly in front of them.

Existing Infrastructure: Existing infrastructure from the spaces above cluttered the ceiling in a consolidated location.

The Solution

The design, characterized by mid-century modern aesthetics, ensure that tenants feel right at home. The space is warm, layered, sophisticated and experiential.

Custom millwork cabinets with integrated vent grilles on the front and top faces, along with the removable front panels on a cleat system, made it easy access to the mechanical units while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Additionally, we incorporated a millwork table on concealed casters, ensuring mobility without compromising the design's intent of allowing users to be close to the perimeter windows.

We strategically planned quiet spaces beneath the cluttered ceilings. This included the installation of acoustic ceiling tiles for noise control, resulting in a dynamic visual change in the ceiling plan. These adjustments allow the spaces to feel more intimate and conducive to various activities.

The Human-Centred Lens

The Lounge promotes relaxation and fosters a sense of community within 400 Third. Tenants are able to enjoy the amenities and atmosphere of the space at their leisure.

By offering layered furniture solutions with commercial-grade fabrics, users can easily adjust their seating arrangements to accommodate various postures based on their activities, promoting comfort and flexibility.

A coffee bar with built-in fridges, a keg, and a water tap provides easy access to refreshments.

Trailing plants in various areas introduces elements of biophilic design.

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Key Features

Feature Fireplace

The space features a fireplace and faux chimney, as well as a water vapour fireplace. Given the existing condition of the space, electrical and gas fireplaces were not viable options. This alternative solution effectively brings visual warmth and serves as a central focal point in the area. The fireplace exudes warmth and hospitality, inviting tenants to relax and socialize.

High Visual Impact

We utilized millwork shelving and metal pole structures to provide power to the 'floating' table groupings without having to core into the concrete below. Millwork and vinyl film installations were used to create visually striking 'panel' walls at a more affordable cost.


Furnished with lounge seating, counter and bar height workspaces, games, and a coffee bar, The Lounge offers a variety of amenities for daily use or rental for special events.

Phone Pods

Phone pods efficiently utilize available square footage, minimize noise disruptions, enhance privacy, and promote productivity among tenants.


Project Credits

Engineers: TMP Engineering, Mulvey + Banani Electrical Consulting Engineers, Quinn Saretsky Structural Engineers Inc.

Contractors: Persimmon

Furniture: COI

Landlord: Oxford Properties

Photographer: Joel Klassen