Aplin embraces the future of work with hybrid office environment

Aplin is an award-winning staffing agency, providing staffing solutions in professional services and IT. They envisioned a high-impact, executive-level space that radiates warmth and approachability, setting it apart from traditional corporate environments, while still meeting client expectations of confidentiality and discretion. The design balances collaboration and individual productivity, helping staff adapt seamlessly to their new hybrid working arrangement.

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Project Square Footage: +/- 4,091 sq ft

Start Date: August 2021

Completion Date: August 2022

The Challenge

  • One of their primary goals was to formalize a hybrid office model for the staff, and strike a balance between collaboration and socialization. This meant cleverly utilizing the available in-office spaces to incentivize staff presence and engagement.
  • The office boasts stunning views of the Edmonton River Valley, and we took great care to maximize their impact.
  • We needed to strike a balance between creating a welcoming atmosphere and ensuring privacy for external guests, particularly during interviews.

The Solution

Aplin's office is a visually stunning and functional space that fosters collaboration, productivity, and a sense of community. A key element for this was the strategic placement of the staff room, which was intended to foster connection and encourage spontaneous interactions among team members. These "collision zones" foster collaboration and innovation, enhancing the overall productivity and camaraderie of the staff. The floor plan was also strategically organized to ensure that staff members could enjoy the picturesque scenery while working, creating an inspiring and refreshing environment.

The space was carefully designed to be inviting and comfortable, while also considering the importance of confidentiality and discretion. The meticulous selection of design elements and strategic placement of key features created a workplace environment that aligns with the Aplin's vision and mission, and meets the needs of their staff.

The Human-Centred Lens

Together with Aplin, we considered the diverse needs, preferences, and behaviours of their employees and clients. This involved creating spaces that balanced a welcoming atmosphere and ensuring privacy, fostered collaboration, supported various work styles, and prioritized employee wellbeing.

We successfully achieved our objectives by including more collaborative and interactive settings, as well as by providing employees with a sense of defined space. Custom screens were created for shared hybrid workstations to facilitate a smooth transition to an open-office concept, offering visual separation and promoting privacy and focus. Additionally, strategically positioned collision zones in communal areas like the kitchen and meeting spaces prioritize spontaneous collaboration.

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Key Features

Millwork Finishes

To add visual interest and texture, this project incorporates millwork feature walls that anchored the reception area. These walls were meticulously crafted in collaboration with a skilled millworker to ensure precision in the execution of paneling details. This attention to detail created a focal point that enhanced the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the space.

Custom Screens

Recognizing the need for a smooth transition to an open-office concept, custom screens were designed specifically for the shared hybrid workstations. These screens not only provided a visual separation between workstations, but also allowed for a sense of privacy and focus within the open environment. This design element struck a balance between collaboration and individual productivity, enabling the staff to adapt seamlessly to the new working arrangement.

Collision Zones

Collision zones are specific areas within the office that are strategically designed to facilitate unplanned encounters and informal collaboration among team members. Unlike traditional workspaces that emphasize individual tasks, these collision zones prioritize connection and the exchange of ideas. In Aplin's office, they are situated in communal spaces like the kitchen and open meeting areas.


Project Credits

Brokers: Paul Mckay and Jessica Downie (Savills Canada)

Engineers: Reinbold Engineering Group, Mulvey + Banani

Contractors: Govan Brown

Furniture: Contemporary Office Interiors

Photographer: Chris Amat