Cristina Aristi
Project Designer

Cristina Aristi is a graduate of the Bachelor of Interior Design program at Mount Royal University, and was awarded many honours, including the Brian E. Pitt Memorial Gold Medal for Interior Design Academic Excellence.

Dedicated to excellence at every stage of a project, Cristina serves as a vital support to Project Leads. Her expertise lies in the art of material finish selection and visioning, where she crafts interiors that convey distinct emotions and experiences for the end-users. Her dynamic energy extends to her collaborative approach within teams, as she values feedback and embraces diverse perspectives to refine her designs.

Design Philosophy

Cristina brings a deep-rooted passion for designing inclusive spaces that evoke emotion and connection. With a background in high-end residential design and a diverse skill set that spans sketching, photography, and jewelry-making, she brings fresh perspectives to the world of hospitality and commercial design.

Passionate and curious, she loves learning about innovative technologies and stays at the forefront of evolving trends within the industry. Cristina envisions a world where design enriches the lives of individuals and communities.

Beyond Design

Beyond her professional endeavours, Cristina's interests include art, photography, dance, fitness, and exploring Calgary. Fluent in Spanish and hailing from Peru, her global perspective is an asset that enriches her work and interactions.