Wonderment Child Centre promotes creativity and exploration

Wonderment Child Centre offers an innovative play-based approach to early learning. Their dedicated team is passionate about sparking a sense of curiosity and exploration, and wanted to create an experiential and safe space for children in preschool, kindergarten, and in before and after school care. Reflective of their nurturing guidance and innovative approaches to early learning, this playful environment features interactive elements to stimulate children's cognitive function.

Team Spotlight

Joanne Fernandes

Project Lead

Emily Lang

Project Designer

Project Start Date: November 2022

Construction Start Date: June 2023

Project Completion Date: December 2023

Square Footage: 4035 sq. ft.

The Challenge

Balance: Design the space to be experiential, engaging, and playful in its aesthetics, while ensuring it avoids sensory overload, a common issue in many daycare centres.

Creativity and Project Management: Meet the challenges of a conservative budget without compromising the overall intended experience.

The Solution

We added textures on walls, acoustic panels to control noise, and natural-looking materials to create a calming atmosphere, similar to wellness spaces. We focused on creating a hospitable environment in the staff areas, providing them with a separate space to relax and socialize away from the children's areas. When it came to lighting and furniture, we chose residential-style fixtures to give a unique, non-commercial feel.

Other noteworthy design elements include implementing creative shapes and lines in the material choices, like carpet inlays; and incorporating cost-effective materials such as laminate (PLAM) to achieve a high-quality natural look.

We collaborated closely with the contractor to speed up material orders and reviews, allowing them to start building right after permits were approved, saving time in the construction schedule. To stay within budget, we creatively reduced costs on millwork, finishes, and fixtures while preserving the project's design and goals.

The Human-Centred Lens

We aimed to prioritize the comfort and well-being of children, staff, and parents and guardians. The space is carefully crafted to be engaging, safe, and conducive to learning and play. Interactive features, such as sensory elements, are incorporated to stimulate curiosity and development. Additionally, the use of colours, textures, and natural materials create a welcoming and nurturing environment. Acoustic panels help control noise levels, creating a more comfortable and conducive environment for children to learn, play, and rest.

For the staff, the design includes functional and comfortable areas for work, relaxation, and socialization. Separate spaces are provided to allow for breaks and interaction away from the children's areas, promoting a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, considerations such as comfortable furniture and acoustics were taken into account to support productivity and well-being. By reducing excessive noise, these panels can enhance concentration, communication, and overall well-being among children and staff.

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Key Features

Creative Use of Colour

Creative use of paint and vibrant colours. The painted cabinet doors in classrooms, paint lines resembling the outline of a house in the workshop, and colour accents in the quiet room all add visual interest. Bright, cheerful colours enhance mood and stimulate creativity. We also balanced vibrant colours with soothing ones to create an equally calming environment.

Detailed Millwork

Detailed millwork in reception and classrooms adds a sense of craftsmanship and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

Interactive Features

Interactive features like the abacus and pegs on the sliding doors between Classroom 1 and 2 encourage learning and engagement while also promoting fine motor skills and creativity.


Rounded edges on furniture, non-toxic materials, secure electrical outlets, and adequate supervision zones minimize hazards.


Project Credits

Broker: Core Commercial

Engineers: YJE Engineers

Contractors: Dovetail Construction

Furniture: Tenant Supplied

Landlord: Peoples Realty

Photographer: Eymeric Widling