Luxurious fitness experience for corporate and residential tenants at TELUS Sky

In partnership with Westbank Living, Allied Properties REIT, and TELUS, TELUS Sky offers purposefully designed office spaces and provides residents with the comfort and flexibility of a hotel. Our team was tasked with designing a fitness centre that aligned with the elevated TELUS Sky experience for both corporate and residential tenants.

Team Spotlight

Karen Blackwood

Project Lead

Project Start Date: August 2020

Project Completion Date: June 2021

Square Footage: +/- 4,000 sq ft

The Challenge

Structural column locations: Due to the building's design, the columns within the space were quite large and imposing. Our design had to integrate these columns while ensuring they didn't overwhelm the space.

Concealed entryway: The entry into the gym was concealed down a corridor from the elevator lobby, making the first impression crucial for drawing people towards the entrance.

Floor-to-ceiling windows: The placement and design strategy surrounding the change room locations needed careful consideration due to the presence of large windows along the perimeter.

The Solution

The design features a modern, minimalistic colour palette. We incorporated natural wood tones to add warmth and balance to the stark white and black elements. The overall ambiance is sophisticated and upscale.

Purposeful mirror placement was used to make the columns "disappear" and create a sense of expanded space. The columns were also used to delineate different workout style zones.

Signage and branding elements with an illuminated component anchor the entry corridor and capture the attention of users from the elevator lobby. The textured materials that align with an entry portal help provide an intuitive wayfinding component.

In the change rooms, shower stalls and toilets were pulled away from the windows, keeping these private. Drapery was added to soften the space and provide privacy for the lockers and changing area – this also ensured views from neighbouring buildings were obstructed.

The Human-Centred Lens

The design incorporates several human-centred elements to enhance the experience of TELUS Sky tenants:

Accessibility and convenience: Towel stations are strategically placed throughout the space for easy access by all users.

Comfort and privacy: Drapery softens the space and provides privacy for the lockers and changing areas.

Enhanced experience: Backlit mirrors and provided amenities inside the change rooms make it more pleasant and convenient to freshen up after exercising.

Safety and durability: Materials like solid wood were chosen for their durability and ease of maintenance, ensuring a safe and reliable environment for users.

Aesthetic appeal: The modern, minimalistic colour palette with natural wood tones contribute to a pleasant experience for all users.

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Key Features

Elevated experience

The design aligns with the TELUS Sky brand and architecture, ensuring an elevated tenant experience from start to finish.

Entry/waiting area

Custom curved sofa and coordinating curved curtain create a semi-private space at the entry. Drapery softens the space and provides acoustic properties.

Exposed ceilings

The exposed ceilings, often associated with industrial spaces, feel polished and finished after being painted black within this space.

Entry condition

The entry condition is both durable and visually appealing. Solid wood was selected to ensure that any damage would not be visible and could be easily repaired, maintaining the pristine appearance of this space.


Project Credits

Engineers: Reinbold Engineering Group, Integral Group

Contractors: Lignum Interiors Inc.

Landlord: Allied Properties REIT

Photographer: Eymeric Widling