Private workspaces and comfortable amenities at Raymond James

Raymond James offers comprehensive financial planning and investment services, tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. The firm is client-centric and dedicated to maintaining confidentiality, trust, and long-term relationships.

Their office design embodies this commitment, providing a modern, amenity-rich environment that enhances productivity and comfort for both clients and staff alike.

Team Spotlight

Karen Blackwood

Project Lead

Project Start Date: December 2020

Project Completion Date: June 2021

Square Footage: +/- 5,726 sq ft

The Challenge

Flexibility for Client Events: The space needed to be flexible and able to support client events.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Maintain confidentiality and privacy for client meetings and sensitive discussions. The office required acoustically private spaces to prevent sound from carrying and ensure client conversations remained confidential, while also maintaining a sense of connection to other areas through glass fronts.

Accessible Meeting Spaces: Meeting spaces needed to be accessible for guests.

The Solution

The office design embraces an industrial chic aesthetic. It blends the raw, unfinished aesthetic of industrial spaces like wood and concrete with refined and elegant elements such as mixed metals and leather to establish a modern and comfortable atmosphere.

Demountable partitions with double-layer glazing were installed to prevent noise transfer from the offices to the open area.

Separation walls between offices were equipped with acoustic insulation, extending to the underside of the structural deck to reduce noise transfer.

Drapery was added in offices to enhance visual privacy, soften the space, and reduce sound reverberation on the glass fronts.

The Human-Centred Lens

Private Internal Theatre: Equipped with speakers, a large TV, comfortable seating and drapery, the theatre serves as both a meeting space and a venue for client events.

Ping-Pong Table: A ping-pong table was placed in the staff area, strategically positioned between the island and soft seating to keep it separate from the working zones, ensuring that the focused areas remain undisturbed.

Drapery and Area Rugs: Layering in drapery and areas rugs softens the space and makes it more inviting and comfortable.

Collaboration Zones: Various informal, soft seating collaboration zones influenced heavily by residential living room arrangements are scattered throughout the space. These zones offer employees breaks from their desk and a chance to reset.

Large Kitchen: The large kitchen is inspired by hospitality, designed to facilitate hosting and entertaining. Key features like the large island and wine fridge are direct results of this influence.

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Key Features

Premium Amenities

The staff kitchen, equipped with a custom built-in wine fridge that carries through into the theatre provide an elevated space that is suitable for client events or internal seminars.

Sealed Concrete

The sealed concrete throughout is an applied topping to the existing slab. This allowed the design team to hone in on the exact colouring and texture desired for the space while maintaining the industrial aesthetic.

Cues from Hospitality

As this client didn’t have a formal receptionist, there was no need for a large reception desk. In place of this, there was a plinth designed as a touch down point for guests, couriers, etc. to check in and wait for whoever they were there to see. A refreshment station and closet are included in the reception area to ensure all feel welcomed, taking cues from hospitality design.


Project Credits

Engineers: Mulvey + Banani, TMP Consulting Engineers (Alberta) Ltd.

Contractors: Dovetail PM

Furniture: Contemporary Office Interiors Ltd.

Landlord: Morguard

Photographer: Christopher Amat