AdFarm honours tradition and embraces innovation with new office

AdFarm is a Calgary-based agricultural marketing agency specializing in campaigns for their agricultural clientele. They recently relocated and modernized their space to keep up with the playful evolution of their brand. They envisioned a workspace that mirrors their brand identity and caters to their team's needs. This involves adopting hybrid work solutions and infusing a new aesthetic into their fully operational workspace for the team.

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Project Square Footage: +/- 9,300 sq ft
Start Date:
December 2019
July 2020

The Challenge

AdFarm required a new office space that not only addressed their functional requirements but also aimed to refine their office ambiance. The challenge was to create a space that harmonized with the creative spirit of their acclaimed campaigns while respecting their deep agricultural heritage, all without resorting to clichés or overt thematic design.

The Solution

Recognizing their agricultural identity was crucial for the successful design, while also avoiding an excessively thematic outcome. Colour and scale were key with subtle unexpected nods to a traditional farmhouse.

The Human-Centred Lens

Adfarm's office design ingeniously preserves the spirit of their identity while ushering in innovation. By re-imagining their rural inspiration through a vibrant interplay of colours on traditional elements, the incorporation of bold architectural forms using industrial materials, and the thoughtful inclusion of pedagogical design features, this modern office space pays clever nods to its roots and its agricultural clientele.

The experience of the space feels authentic to AdFarm, its clients and staff, seamlessly blending the past with the present to create an inspiring workspace that truly embodies its unique culture. The space offers adaptable spaces and options for remote work, signaling a culture that values flexibility, independence, and work-life balance. The design enables employees to choose how and where they work best. Unconventional elements, such as artistic decor, brainstorming zones, and unconventional meeting spaces mirror their culture of innovation and creativity, inspiring employees to think outside the box.

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Key Features

Noteworthy design elements

Refined Ambience

Unconventional colour choices and non-traditional details stand out in the corporate setting, along with an oversized statement signage at the reception. Additionally, a collection of red-painted, wall-mounted vintage telephones creates a unique and playful atmosphere in the novelty phoneroom.

Fostering a Culture of Connection

An innovative design element features an overhead garage door that seamlessly opens the primary boardroom into the adjoining kitchen area. This promotes a sense of openness, breaking down physical barriers to encourage interaction among team members.


Project Credits

Brokers: Justin Mayerchak (Colliers)
AES Engineering Ltd., MCW Hemisphere Ltd.
Cougar Contractors Ltd.
HBI (workstations, task seating and meeting rooms), Holland procured ancillary furniture.
Chris Amat