Our Story

Sisters Jocelyne and Jaime Holland are the founders of Holland Design. Both Interior Designers; Jocelyne and Jaime spent the first portion of their careers working on separate sides of the world from one another before both taking on positions at the same Calgary based commercial architecture firm. It wasn’t long until the dynamic duo realized they were better together and joined forces to create what is now a reputable Interior Design firm. Shortly after opening their doors, Associate and Creative Director Kendell Woo joined the Holland Design team. Today Holland Design is a successful and bustling studio, specializing in commercial, hospitality, wellness and residential design.


Holland Design seeks to achieve a client base that understands the changing and dynamic influences of design. Our target demographic is focused locally as well as worldwide. To bring our clients the best in design means to understand global cultures, norms and styles and how they migrate into the expression of everyday space.

Our Team

Jocelyne Holland
Partner | In Charge of Design 

 Jocelyne studied at the University of Calgary as well as Mount Royal University before graduating with her Bachelors Degree in Interior Design. As an avid participant in the design community, Jocelyne’s role in business development fosters new client relationships as they move through the design process.  Together with the HD team, Jocelyne ensures the highest degree of positive client experience from introductions through to completion.

Jaime Holland
Partner | Business Development 

As partner in charge of design, Jaime mentors and oversees the HD studio team. As a graduate from Mount Royal University; Jaime launched her career in the UK before returning to Canada where she has since spent the past 8 years developing a high level of technical expertise in commercial, hospitality, institutional, wellness and residential interior design.

Kendell Woo
Associate | Creative Director

Kendell leads the studio’s creative direction and inspires all HD projects with her expertise in trend forecasting, industry research and design detailing. With an enthusiasm for product knowledge, Kendell keeps HD projects up to date with the “latest and greatest”. Kendell is also a graduate from Mount Royal University and has extensive experience in commercial, hospitality and residential interior design.

Leanne Walker
Director of Operations 

As Director of Operations, Leanne oversees all projects at Holland Design. She guides and mentors the team on exterior and interior construction methods and detailing. Leanne also oversees the permitting process and scheduling for all projects ensuring all deadlines are met in a timely fashion.

Erika Klavins
Creative Manager

Erika excels in all things design. Her experience is showcased with her ability to think methodically and furthermore to communicate her ideas effectively. Erika is a born leader which is naturally demonstrated in her ability to mentor and oversee the creative process for all Holland Design projects. 

Maureen Nicholson
Senior Interior Designer

With a strong background in residential and hospitality design, Maureen brings a high level of design excellence to all Holland Design projects. Maureen studied in both Calgary and Toronto and has traveled all over the world. Her forward thinking approach and strong design style are behind many of HD’s outstanding design projects.

Lisa Janzen
Senior Project Manager 

Lisa has an excellent understanding of the construction process and how to get a project from start to completion on time and on budget. Her technical skills allow her to excel in overseeing coordination and completion of full working drawing sets. 

Taylor Welsh
Project Manager

Taylor acts as project manager on many of Holland Design’s key jobs. She works closely with clients to ensure a positive design experience and paves the way for project success with excellent communication and scheduling skills.


Britt Terstappen
Senior Interior Designer

Britt has a diverse portfolio of project experience. She is a leader on many fronts and offers Client’s a thoughtful perspective which is showcased in her design and technical drawings. Britt is based in Victoria and oversees the project management on Holland Design’s West coast portfolio. 

Lindsay Morris
Interior Designer

Lindsay is a graduate from Mount Royal University. With an exceptional eye for detail, Lindsay’s fine tuned communication skills are showcased through her beautifully crafted designs and presentations.

Karen Blackwood
Interior Designer

Karen is a graduate from Mount Royal University. Her creativity is supported by her great work ethic and advanced technical skills. Karen’s agility in the workplace allows her to deliver on projects and deadlines seamlessly and efficiently. 


Paul Terstappen
Technical Support

With a background in both engineering and site supervision; Paul brings precision and critical thinking to all of Holland Design’s projects. He is efficient in his ability to turn around drawings quickly without compromising on quality or craftsmanship.